• For country for nation exhibition

    For Country, for Nation tells Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories of military service in times of war and peace. Exhibition closes 20 September, 2017.

  • The Holocaust exhibition

    The Holocaust as told through the experiences of survivors and Australian official war artist Alan Moore.

  • A Home on a Southern Hill is a series of exhibitions that tell the story of how the Memorial was brought to being, exploring its history and continuing relevance.

  • The Deceiving Eye exhibition

    The use of camouflage in warfare saves lives.  During the Second World War the Department of Home Security led a campaign to educate Australian troops in its importance and military use. 

  • Middle East Galleries

    Presenting the story of Australia’s involvement in the Middle East.

  • Our restored Lockheed Hudson Mark IV Bomber is on display at Canberra Airport.

  • New permanent exhibition in the First World War Galleries.

  • Discover the extraordinary efforts of Australians in Afghanistan through the words of our veterans and their families.